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| Personal Training & Programming |

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What is the consultation?

The consultation is the first step in guiding new clients to reach their goals. Since everyone is in a different stage with varying backgrounds, this 30 minutes focuses on getting to know why you're seeking training, what your goals are, and how best to get you there. We'll discuss all of these aspects, your budget, and your schedule so that I can make my professional recommendation of what plan of action would be best suited for you.

What style(s) of training do you offer?

My workouts focus primarily on strength training with HIIT and cardio elements when appropriate for the client. Depending on the client's ability and interest, elements of boxing, barre, and yoga can be included. However, sessions focusing solely on these elements or styles, or others not mentioned here, would be beyond my expertise. I'd be happy to recommend other trainers or places to attend classes to help you find access to those disciplines.

What's the difference between remote training and in person training?

Clients have to option to train remotely or in person, both of which offer excellent opportunities to get that workout in. If training remotely, a client should have a reliable internet connection, decent lighting, minimum distractions/disruptions, and a large enough space to capture your full body on screen and safely perform a variety of exercises. This can be in your living room, home office, in your backyard, etc. If you have access to equipment, fantastic! If not, our sessions will be modified to safely use common household items and bodyweight. If training in person, clients must be willing and able to travel to the South Pasadena/Pasadena area of California where we will meet either in select outdoor parks or private gyms. All of this would be discussed and determined during your consultation.

I have a membership at a gym. Can you train me there?

No. Most membership-based gyms provide in-house trainers that will work with members on property. As I am not affiliated with any such gym of this sort, it would be inappropriate for me to train you at their facilities. For this reason, I work with private gyms who know me in the Pasadena area.

Do you travel for in-home client sessions?

At this time, in-home sessions are not available. Out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of my clients and myself, sessions will occur remotely, at select outdoor parks, or select private gyms.

How does scheduling consultations, sessions, and follow-ups work?

For programming, a scheduled time for the consultation and bi-weekly follow-ups will be made after initial contact, and will be held over Zoom or a similar online platform. After the consultation and payment has been received, I'll create a specific plan of action for you to follow on your own time and send it to you within 7 days. The bi-weekly check-ins can be planned and communicated a couple days in advance to accommodate each party's schedule. Zoom follow-ups are recommended as opposed to email or phone calls so that questions regarding form or technique can be discussed and demonstrated. 

For personal training, either remotely or in person, we'd schedule a time for your consultation which will be held over Zoom or a similar online platform. This can be arranged after initial contact has been made. Once a plan has been selected and payment has been received, we'll proceed with scheduling your hour-long sessions. While every effort should be made by both the client and myself to keep a consistent day and time, this cannot always be guaranteed. Should a session need to be rescheduled, a minimum of 24 hours notice is appreciated when possible, at which point we'll communicate to find an alternative day and time. 

I can't make my weekly session(s). Can I have them roll-over to the next week or month?

In the event that you're not available for your scheduled session, it will be rescheduled for a later date. If possible, at least 24 hours notice is appreciated. Your sessions will be frozen so that they can be completed. For example, if you purchased the 2x/week plan and need a week off, those 2 sessions would freeze. The following week, you'd continue with 2 sessions as usual. Once you've completed 4 weeks of 2 sessions per week (a total of 8 sessions for that "month"), you enter a new month at which time payment will be due. Sessions can only be frozen for up to 4 weeks, at which time they will expire.

I'm interested in training with a partner or a group. Is this something you offer?

Yes and no. Training with others is a fantastic way to stay motivated, be held accountable, and to save a little money. However, scheduling private training with more than one person can be less flexible than one-on-one training. For this reason, my ability to offer this kind of training is limited. If you have a partner who is interested in training with you, please contact me to get a quote and discuss scheduling. Small groups (up to 6), present similar challenges with scheduling. If you are part of a small group that is interested in training together, please contact me for a quote and to discuss scheduling. At this time, large groups cannot be accommodated.

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| Nutrition |

Why is a new nutrition program so important?

Contrary to what many believe, nutrition has more influence over your health and fitness than exercising. The sayings "you can't out-exercise a bad diet", "abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym", and "you are what you eat" all come from truth. Food is your fuel, and the quality and quantity of that fuel effects everything you do from your quality of sleep, energy levels, stress management, weight management, muscle gain, endurance, and reducing the likelihood of developing chronic diseases. A nutrition program not only helps you discover how to incorporate nutrient dense food into your life, but it can also help shift your relationship with food. Have you ever felt guilty about eating dessert and then punished yourself with a tough workout after? Not only is that ineffective, it's also a toxic mindset. No food is inherently bad, and there's no reason you can't enjoy your favorite snacks and desserts in moderation. If you're thinking to yourself "I already eat healthy", that could very well be true, however most people overestimate how well they actually eat, or how much they eat. These nutrition programs are designed to educate you about how nutrition can work for you in achieving your goals by creating evidence-based sustainable habits.

What happens during the discovery call, the consultation, and the follow-ups?

The discovery call occurs after initial contact. During this call, we'll briefly discuss why you're interested in a nutrition program, a brief overview of your goals and current lifestyle, your budget, and other important factors such as allergies or medical conditions. I'll discuss how I can help you and we'd scheduled a full consultation for a later date.

The consultation is about an hour long meeting over Zoom or a similar online platform that will be a deep dive into your personal lifestyle and your plan of action. Prior to your consultation, I will send a few dietary related forms for you to fill out and send back. These are a general overview of your habits to help me better understand where you currently are and what obstacles may present themselves. I ask that the forms be returned to me no less than 48 hours prior to your consultation to give me ample time to review and prep. We'll then go over any questions you have along with my recommendations to set you on a healthier path.

The follow-ups will occur once a month beginning 1 month after your consultation. Don't worry, this is not a "test" or a chance for anyone (including you) to judge your progress. This is simply an opportunity for you to openly share your successes and obstacles after implementing some adjustments. This honest dialogue will help me reinforce the positive and reassess where improvements can be made. 

I've already completed all of my follow-ups, but I'd like to continue. Is this an option?

Yes! I highly encourage continued follow-ups to keep you accountable and to have support, especially if you're working towards significant change. Your follow-up price is locked in depending on which program you purchased. For instance, the follow-ups for the 3 month plan are valued at $55 each. Once you've completed 3 follow-ups, any additional follow-ups can be added once a month for $55 each.

Do you include specific meal plans, supplements, or food delivery?

No. Ethically, only a medically licensed professional can prescribe precise meal plans or supplements. These programs will give you more of a general overview about the purpose of supplemennts, general nutrition, metabolism, building your plate, tracking food intake, and so on so that you can have autonomy over your food choices. If you're interested in trying a specific meal plan, meal service, or supplement, I'm happy to help educate and guide you with evidence-based information. If you have any concerns or questions about diets or supplements, consult a medical professional.

I have several food allergies, past/present disordered eating, or other medical conditions that effect my diet. Can I still work with you?

Maybe. These topics would be discussed during your discovery call to assess if we'd be the best fit. If you feel uncomfortable, or if I believe you'd benefit from the services of a medical professional, I'd be happy to offer referrals to those qualified individuals.

What's the difference between a Certified Nutrition Coach and a Registered Dietician?

A Registered Dietician (RD, RDN) is a licensed medical professional who has undergone rigorous standardized and accredited training along with significant time in a supervised practicing position. Individuals who've earned this title can use nutrition for therapy and treating disease. While a Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) studies evidence-based knowledge and passes an exam, they are not a medically licensed professional, and therefore cannot diagnose, prescribe, or treat disease. The main job of a CNC is to help educate clients about the science of nutrition and the most current general recommendations and practices, guide them in finding accurate information, and supporting them throughout their journey. Clients can enlist the services of both an RD/RDN and a CNC, in which case the CNC will support the guidance given by the RD/RDN. If you have more specific questions about the scope of practice, feel free to reach out.

There are so many different diets/trends (Paleo, Keto, DASH, Cleanses, No-Carb/No-Sugar, etc...) How do I know which is best?

The simple, and perhaps unsatisfying answer, is that any and all of these could be either good for you or not. One of the biggest misconceptions is that somewhere there is one magic/perfect/correct approach to nutrition which is simply not true. To figure out which is right for you, you must be clear on your goals. Do you want to lose weight? Great! Any diet that puts you in a calorie deficit will accomplish that. Do you want to gain weight? Also great. Any diet that puts you in a calorie surplus will accomplish that. Should you go ahead and randomly pick one or do the one your best friend is doing? No. Each diet comes with different guidelines and depending on your health history and lifestyle, some may be less beneficial for you. An avid runner will have different considerations than someone who doesn't exercise. A bodybuilder is going to have different considerations than a new mom. Whenever you're considering a new approach to your diet, ask yourself what it is you're actually wanting to accomplish and how you could realistically do it. As a Nutrition Coach, I will help you figure out your why and guide you to the best approach.

I'm not able to attend my follow-up. Can I reschedule?

Yes, follow-ups can be rescheduled as needed, with at least 24 hours notice when possible. Once a rescheduled follow-up occurs, the next will be 1 month after that date as opposed to the originally scheduled date. If 2 months pass and no follow-up has occurred, those follow-ups expire.

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| General |

What are your certifications?

I obtained my certifications through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC). More information is available at My certification details are available upon request. 

Do I need to sign a waiver to work with you?

Yes. All clients are required to sign a liability waver at or before the time of initial payment. Insurance information is available upon request.

Do you accept insurance?

No. As I am not a medical professional, my services are not covered through any healthcare insurance program.

What kind of payment do you accept?

Payment is accepted via Square. When payment is due, an invoice will be sent that can be paid through credit card transaction or ACH transfer.

Do you offer payment plans or is payment due up front?

Payment is due in full up front. This means for personal training and programming, the total monthly commitment is due. For nutrition, the full plan commitment is due. This both encourages consistency and personal accountability, as well as securing time in the schedule so that I can provide you with consistent and timely sessions. Payment plans may be considered on a case by case basis.

Do you offer any kind of discount for multiple plans or families?

Yes. Any client who purchases both a fitness plan (either personal training, programming, or the hybrid option) as well as a nutrition plan, the nutrition plan will be 20% off. Any client who purchases a nutrition plan, an immediate family member (spouse/partner, sibling, parent, or child) will receive 15% off their nutrition plan when purchased at the same time. There is no limit to how many immediate family members can receive the 15% discount when all plans are purchased at the same time. If an immediate family member purchases a nutrition plan at a later date, they will receive 10% off their plan.

Do you have a referral program for clients?

At this time there is no referral program. However, one will launch later this summer!

What age group do you work with?

At this time, I work with clients 16 years old and up for all services. Any client under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian's approval. Parents or guardians will be required to be present for at least the initial consultation for a minor.

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